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About us


The innovative company 

with Swedish ”high ceilings”!

– Where protection meets performance –

We Can Do it All

Frepart is located in Tullinge, south of Stockholm. We handle everything from start to finish, through close collaborations with suppliers and with in-house development, final assembly, and store installations, we can always guarantee the quality of the installation in stores.

Our Approach

We follow the ”Design Thinking” model to deliver innovative solutions that truly address our clients’ needs.


We start by understanding your needs through direct interaction and observation, diving deep into the experiences and emotions that drive your decisions.


Next, we brainstorm a broad array of creative solutions, pushing boundaries to redefine challenges and imagine new possibilities for your project.

Prototype and Test

Finally, we build prototypes and engage in rigorous testing with real users, refining our approach based on solid feedback to perfect our designs.


Trusted by Major Retail Chains Across Europe

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We are a part of


– A privately-owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, owns, and develops technology companies within selected market niches. Together, the companies operate in around ten markets in Europe.

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