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Frepart & Skruf Snus

A Milestone in Retail Design


Frepart’s Nationwide Cooler Rollout for Skruf Snus

Snus Coolers

In an impressive display of collaboration and innovation, Frepart and Skruf Snus AB embarked on a major initiative in 2018/2019 following several significant tenders that Skruf won earlier that year. This initiative focused on upgrading and exchanging snus coolers throughout Swedish retail stores, representing a pivotal shift in retail design. The project was specifically aimed at enhancing customer interactions and elevating the presentation of tobacco products. 

Redefining Skruf’s Retail Strategy 

Our relationship with Skruf Snus has always been built on a foundation of mutual respect for innovation and quality. When approached to enhance the interior designs of Skruf’s coolers, we saw an opportunity to redefine retail solutions that extend beyond aesthetics, focusing on flexibility and functionality that meet retailer and consumer needs alike. 

Engineering Bespoke Solutions 

Our team at Frepart designed and supplied custom interiors for Skruf’s coolers, making them adaptable at the retail level. These innovative designs not only supported Skruf’s branding but also allowed individual retailers to optimize their product displays based on their unique store layouts and customer demographics. This level of customization is a testament to our commitment to providing solutions that truly resonate with end users. 

Shelves for snus

Implementing a Full-Service Concept 

Our engagement went beyond design and delivery; we embraced a full-service model that encompassed installation, development of new features, and a robust after-sales service. This comprehensive approach was pivotal in ensuring the rollout’s success, providing Skruf with a seamless transition and ongoing support for both old and the newly installed equipment. 

The National Rollout 

The highlight of our collaboration was the ambitious national rollout campaign, where more than 2,300 coolers were installed across over 750 retail stores throughout Sweden. This strategic deployment was designed to maximize Skruf’s market presence and was executed with precision and efficiency by our dedicated teams. 

Impact and Outcomes

The rollout has been beneficial, helping to maintain Skruf’s strong market presence. At Frepart, we are proud to be part of this transformative journey with Skruf Snus. It reflects our broader commitment to advancing retail design and customer service in the competitive retail sector.  
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