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Challenges for Stores During Holiday Seasons

Managing Increased Theft Risk with Summer Staff.

The holiday season is a well-deserved break for many, but for the retail sector, it can mean an increased risk of theft and shoplifting, especially when regular, experienced staff are replaced by temporary summer employees. This period is often exploited by organized gangs who see an opportunity in the stores’ vulnerability. In this blog post, we explore the challenges stores face and provide tips on how to prepare and protect their business.

Understanding the Challenge

During the holiday season, it is common for stores to hire temporary staff to cover for regular employees on vacation. Summer staff, often less experienced, face the challenge of managing daily operations during one of the year’s busiest periods. This opens the door for organized criminal gangs skilled at exploiting the inexperience of new and temporary employees.

Identifying Risk Zones 

The most vulnerable areas in the store are often those with high-value goods or where items can easily be hidden and taken out of the store. Electronics, cosmetics, and clothing are classic examples of attractive targets for shoplifting. A detailed review of the store’s layout and which items are most at risk can help in planning security measures.

Training and Preparation

A key component in strengthening store security is proper training of the summer staff. It is important that this training includes:

  • Identifying Suspicious Behavior: Teaching staff to recognize signs of theft attempts and shoplifting.
  • Handling Conflicts: Training on how to safely approach and handle potential thieves.
  • Communication and Cooperation: Emphasizing the importance of teamwork and maintaining open communication between colleagues.

Technical Solutions

In addition to staff training, technical solutions such as surveillance cameras and security alarms can be effective in deterring and identifying criminals. Stores should consider:

  • Upgrading Their Surveillance System: Modern cameras with better resolution and coverage can make a big difference.
  • Placing High-Theft Products in Innovative Display Solutions with Calling or Delay Technology.
  • Using Article Surveillance: Security tags and other article surveillance techniques can prevent theft of high-risk items.

Collaborating with Local Authorities

A good relationship with local police and other stores can enhance security through joint efforts. Information about current crime trends and organizing joint security initiatives can strengthen the entire area’s resilience to crime.


The holiday season can be a challenging period for stores, especially with a temporary workforce. By understanding and addressing these challenges with the right preparations, training, and technology, stores can not only improve their security but also create a safer shopping environment for their customers. With the right strategy in place, stores can navigate through these busy months with greater confidence and success.

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