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Tobacco Displays

Enhancing User Experience and Sales with Frepart’s Tobacco Displays

TD-4000 in store

Since 1999, Frepart has been a vital supplier to Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH, part of the global Imperial Brands group. Over the years, we have provided over 10,000 motorized display stands that have greatly improved product visibility and security in the German market. These displays have also contributed to enhanced sales performance for the retail chains using this solution. 

Development of a New Generation Display Stand 

Tasked by Reemtsma in 2012, Frepart embarked on the development of a next-generation display stand designed with an elevated level of theft protection. The innovative design achieved maintaining 100% visibility of the products, even when the stand was secured and closed. Accessibility for customers was seamlessly integrated through a simple keypad interface, marrying convenience with enhanced security. 

The Launch of TD-6000 in 2017: A New Benchmark in Retail Display Technology 

Building on the foundation laid by the earlier TD 5000 series, the TD-6000 was launched in 2017 and marked a significant advancement in Frepart’s display technology. Positioned strategically behind checkout counters, these units made excellent use of space that would otherwise remain unused. The TD-6000 series featured a motor-driven front glass for robustness and ease of use, along with a modular design that allowed for easy customization and scalability according to retailer needs. 

Looking to the Future: The Next Generations of Tobacco Displays 

As we move forward, Frepart is continuously exploring ways to enhance the TD series with a stronger focus on customer and user experience. The upcoming generations of Tobacco Displays are being designed with cutting-edge technology to further improve visibility and user interaction, ensuring that they meet the evolving demands of the retail industry. These developments are geared towards creating more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that can seamlessly integrate into various retail environments. 

Adapting to the Future of Retail

Frepart is committed to innovation, aiming to develop solutions that meet and support the evolving needs of the retail environment. Our next generation of TD display stands is designed to enhance efficiency and security, improving the retail experience. As we continue our collaboration with industry leaders like Reemtsma, we look forward to gradually enhancing retail technology and customer interactions. 

This narrative highlights Frepart’s continuous dedication to revolutionizing display technology in the retail sector, emphasizing enhancements in both the presentation and security of tobacco products through innovative solutions.

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