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We design tailored solutions for your unique products and challenges.

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Whether you’re a Brand Owner, Retailer, Store Manager, Category Manager, or Security Manager, the challenge of safeguarding valuable products like delicacies, electronics, tobacco, OTC, selfcare and cosmetics is significant. Every retailer seeks to showcase and sell their valuable merchandise without facing the threat of theft or other losses.

Imagine solutions that protect your products while boosting their market appeal?
Imagine turning the threat of theft into a chance to increase sales.

We make it possible!

For over 30 years, Frepart has specialized in designing display solutions that combine security with compelling product presentation. Let us help you make your product display both safer and more profitable. Elevate your market strategy together with Frepart—where protection meets performance.


For over 30 years, Frepart has provided innovative, theft-preventing display systems to stores across Northern Europe.


Our experts ensure top-quality assembly at Frepart, delivering optimal solutions in cost, functionality, and quality.


We master industry trends and technologies, crafting display solutions tailored to your products and needs. We’re your partner!

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